First work created with a plastic pastry crate.

the first in the series, built on a milk crate.

3rd in series, photo taken 1 week after completion.

4th in series, photo taken 1 week after completion.

Hanging Lamp, to test exposure to light and translucency. taken 2 months after completion.

This series of sculptures created during my last year at City College of San Francisco was a meditation on time and medium. the work was composed of latex gloves and twine stretched over a cotton batted plastic frame. As time passed, the latex would degrade in beautiful, circular, organic shapes, till they completely hardened and yellowed into chipped powder. This was an experiment to see how an installation or temporary artwork could sustain beauty before becoming just trash. All works where untitled, and each had dimensions of 2' x 3' approximately. the cube with the hole in the center used a milk crate as its base and was featured in exhibition in the CCSF student group show of 2006.

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